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How do you sell art?

I'm going to try and find out!

I've only been looking into seriously for a couple of years but I've had a little bit of success. Now with the world about to open up again I should have a few alternative avenues to try.

This may be of interest to artists for ideas on how you could try the methods I find to sell your own work.

It may be of interest to buyers as a behind the scenes look at how an artist tries to get their work on your walls.

I've been arting for quite some time. I studied at A-Level and a pre-degree diploma. I did a BA in film and video production. I'm now in my 40s and I teach art to kids and adults in a small studio in High Wycombe.

I love making and sharing art but I'd like to sell more. These blog entries will be a record of the methods I have tried and a will be trying to get people to part with cash for the things I create.

There's not going to be much substance to this entry as it's just a placeholder to get me to commit to documenting my journey. However I can tell you that future entries will dissect how I planned and ran my Kickstarter projects, if running a free print promotion is a good idea, and what projects I have planned for the future.

I'm starting this blog as a free resource mostly because I'm sick of seeing sponsored posts from "artists" promising magic bullets for $4.99. They lure you in with a cheap pdf of bullshit and try to up-sell you on "courses" which seem to entourage you to start your own "courses" rather than to make and sell art which is the thing I assumed most artists actually want to do.


I'm going to be open about as much as I can.

I'm not going to ask you for a penny for reading anything I put on here. However, if you have a spare $4.99 and feel the need to buy something with actual value... I do have art for sale on here ;)

So, with a day job and a 3 year old, I should be able to post once a week. Next post is going to be on my first Kickstarter.

Thanks for stopping by,


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