Simon Bonner is a multi media artist, most recognised for the colourful animal art from his 2nd, and highly successful Kickstarter project which sent original art and prints to backers in over 20 countries.

He would describe himself as someone who doodles rather than draws. His influences range from Popart to abstract impressionism and modern graphic design to mid-century interior design. He likes to push the limits of the mediums he works with and not be confined by the "right" way to use them.

Born and raised in North London he now lives with his wife and son in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. He studied film and design but left the 9-to-5 (more like 6-to-8) and now works as an art leader running classes for children and adults in High Wycombe.

Simon's art is not just about the creation of a piece but is as much about the process and experimentation. Working on a project, be it splashing ink, digital design or free flowing abstract studies, is when he feels most free and that's what he tries to capture in all his work.