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I enjoy Art in all its forms. I'm pretty bad a drawing and still life so you're more likely to find some fat marker pen work or a splash from a big brush. I doodle, I popart, I abstract and then I combine all these as only my strange brain can.

My current projects include black and white ink work in my sketch book and acrylic and Posca paint markers on canvas. I try to post work on my instagram regularly but life often gets in the way... in a good way tho as I have a young son who is just freaking awesome!

The future looks bright though as I'll hopefully be opening an art class next year. I'll also keep my hand in with my creative projects which include designing a deck of cards to kickstart with my good pal Stew.

I hope one day to make a living from my artwork but for now I'd settle for selling my first piece professionally. - Simon - Aylesbury U.K. November 2018


I've got to get better at selling myself but in the meantime here's what my good friend Stew says.

About Simon

Simon is one of those guys in life who constantly astonishes you with his creativity and clear thinking. Such is his maths ability, Simon’s brain is able to work in binary at super computer speeds. He’s also a deep well of weird and wild thoughts. This brings a unique tension of order and chaos that permeates all aspects of our collaborative and individual artwork. Stick with this guy, he’s going places.  (Written by Stew, Nov 2017)