If you’ve seen my work but would like something special, specific or personal then I’d love to chat with you. However here are a few things that generally come up and are worth considering when commissioning art from me or any other artist.

Subject and Style.
I’m happy to discuss options for subject matter, it’s not just animals that can work in my style. I’m not really a portrait artist (well human portrait!) but I’m open to your ideas to see if we can make it work. The colourful style is quite loose so I can’t tell you 100% what your painting will look like but choices for colours and compositions are a fun part of the process. Lettering or names are also possible but add to cost.

Deciding on the piece.
Once you’ve decided on the subject we can work on a composition together. I work from photos so we can find the right pose etc or work from some photos you supply if it’s a pet (more photos and good lighting/resolution is better). If you have a space in mind for the painting think about the size you want (I generally work to “A” sizes starting at A4). We can adjust the composition to be portrait or landscape. There are a few ways to frame it once you’ve got the painting so you should take that into account when thinking about the size as well. I generally work with multicolours but can make some tones stronger if you have a colour scheme in mind.

Prices are generally A4 for £120 and A3 for £200. I can do larger and it may be a little more if the piece is for multiple animals or a more complex composition. After we’ve discussed the composition, and if you decide to proceed, a 20% deposit is required. Delivery is priced on top but as a guide I’ve sent A2 pieces with tracking and insurance for around £15. I’m based in Aylesbury so, if local, collection or drop-off is an option.

I allow up to 4 weeks for the process but it can be quicker if you have a date it’s needed by and I have space on my schedule.

The revision process is done through composition sketches and discussion of colour. With the painting method, revisions of the final work is very difficult and would likely need a complete re-paint, so getting an idea for what will be painted is key. I would include 1 re-do in the price but additional versions after that would be at additional cost.

Artists retain copyright of their work. This is usual as artists may want to make prints etc. Generally I don’t do prints from pet portraits as they are personal. If it’s a more general animal I reserve the right to make prints in the future but if you’re looking to have a unique piece with no prints this can be discussed too.

Do let me know if you have any other questions email or use the form below.

I look forward to discussing your project.

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