Kickstarter #Make100 Project '23

Fully Funded - Fulfilment starts soon!

I'm  excited to launch my Kickstarter project, which includes a selection of fine art prints but will focus on the opportunity for backers to collaborate with me on a custom, original piece of art.
As  an artist, I'm constantly seeking new ways to push my boundaries and  create something truly unique. That's why I love the idea of working with backers to bring their ideas and taste into my work.
I'm  always up for a challenge, and with these designs, I can’t wait for the opportunity to collaborate with you to create a piece of art you’ll love.
The art I make is for you so there will be plenty of dialogue to finalise what you’re looking for. With the options available there’s hundreds of ways you can combine the elements to make it you’re own, so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through in your custom piece!
You  can rest assured that each and every piece will be crafted with care and attention to detail. So if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art that's both fun and colorful, this Kickstarter project is for you.
Thank you for considering supporting my art and I can't wait to  work with you to create something truly special!

Rewards - Fine Art Prints

There are 6 designs to choose from and the fine art prints are avialable in 3 sizes.
  • A5  - 148mm x 210mm
  • A4  - 210mm x 297mm
  • A3 - 297mm x 420mm
On my website ( my prints usually sell for £15 - A5, £20 - A4, £30 - A3.
I'm offering my A4 and A3 prints with a 50% discount. If you pledge for an A4 or A3 print you'll be able to get additional prints as add-ons with the same 50% discount as well.
As for the A5 prints, well, from time to time I have offered some my art as A5 prints for FREE - all you had to do was cover the P&P to get one -
Kickstarter doesn't have the option for free rewards, however you'll be able to get an A5 print for the equivilant of just the P&P. So that's £4 if you're shipping to anywhere in the mainland UK and just £2 more for the rest of the world!
You'll also be able to add-on additional A5 prints for just £4.
So far on my offers I've sent prints to over 5,000 people in over 20 countries like this and can't I wait to ship these new designs to even more art lovers around the world.

Rewards - Custom Original Art + a bonus A5 Print of your choice.

This is going to be fun :)

So maybe you saw my elephant piece but you'd piece but you'd prefer it in purple on a light blue background with yellow leaves... Maybe you love wolves but they have to be pink or tigers are your spirit animal but green brings you luck (and you love battlecat!).
Well this is the option for you!
With 6 animals, 6 patterns and over 40 colours to choose from that's over 1400 combinations right there for me to make a piece of art unique to you.
Each custom piece consisits of the following:
  • A Background.
  • A Pattern Stencil.
  • A 3 layered Animal Stencil.
But you don't have to stop with just one colour for each layer.
The Background could be 2 colours or more, stripes, half and half, a colour block with misting...
The Pattern Stencil could be the same colours inverted, striped light to dark in any direction or even left off!...
While my preference for the Animal Stencil is to pick a colour then use black and white for the shadows/highlights, this project is about your preference. You could have 3 tones of blue if you choose.
The Process
It sounds complicated but I'll be here to help at every stage. You'll get a full pdf guide on how to pick your options (or download it now here), and if you have ideas that aren't included then all it takes is a message and we'll see if it can work.
As part of the process you'll get a digital mockup of your choices. This is supplied as a guide but the final piece will have some nuances and differences due to the process of making the art, the nature of spraypaint and hand cut stencils, and the display settings of your screen/device when viewing.
You'll also get a photo of your selected colours to show you how they'll combine. They'll be layered in your chosen order as some of the paints are not completely 100% opaque and the colour underneath can slightly affect the final tone.
If you're happy, you'll sign off on the design and I'll get painting. I'll video and photograph as I'm working and sharing on socials so if you'd like to be tagged let me know. If it's for a gift I can delay posting, again let me know.
Once your piece is complete you'll get a photo to confirm you're satisified before shipping. I want you to be happy with your piece so if it's not quite as you expected I'll work with you to adjust it or even re-do it if needs be. However, with the nature and expence of the process I do have to limit the revisions to a single "Re-do" in the process. Additional revisions after that would be at additional cost unless I've made the mistake of course.
You're art will arrive signed on the front. It will also be be stamped on the reverse with details of the art which will act as it's certificate of authenticity.

Reward - The Prototypes

In the build up to this project I've been painting examples of each design.
If you've seen one that you'd like I can add it as a reward for you to pledge. I'll have a list of all currently available piece here.
All you need to do is check to see if the one you like is still available and then drop me a message.
I'll add the reward and you can pledge. As they don't involve the customisation process, they'll be available for £75 plus P&P during the project duration.
These are the ones already available and more will be available during the project.


01/01/23 - Project launches.
31/01/23 - Project ends.
01/02/23 - If the project is fully funded I get to work :)
W/C 06/02/23 - Send surveys and custom art guides.
14/02/23 (approx) - Kickstarter release the funds. Start painting originals for backers who have signed off their designs.
W/C 20/02/23 - Supply the print files and order to my printer.
W/C 27/02/23 - Begin packing and shipping.

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