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Original Abstract Art Studies

Original Abstract Art Studies

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This is a series of mini abstract studies I created to experiment with different mediums and produce some (hopefully) aestheticly pleasing abstract art. I often revisit abstract art to try new techniques or keep my hand in with composition. Sometimes I produce exactly what I had in mind whilst others can be beautiful happy accidents.

This experimenting lead to Modus 01 & Modus 02

There are 96 studies to choose from.

They measure 17.5cm x 25cm each on 300gms fine art paper. They'll be stamped, signed and certified as originals.

They were created in a range of mediums including:

  • Posca Pens
  • Spray Paint and Stencils
  • Metalic Foils
  • Lino-Cut Prints and Ink

Allsorts - My son picked out 3 Posca pens for me. They happened to be blue, pink and yellow and reminded me of those licorice treats. So I added some black and white, popped to the shop and bought a bag (or 3!) and doodled.

Amberic, Argent and Auric - I'd not worked with foil before and had a mixed pack and some glue in the back of my art supplies. I laid down some glue compositions, pasted and brushed the foil and accented the designs with a little (sometimes lots) of black.

Bludle and Reddle - Spray paint and stencils. An old favourite of mine. I'm a big fan of geometric shapes but I wanted to make the regular paterns feel a bit more organic. They became blue doddles and red doodles... Bludles and Reddles.

Glyph - More foil and posca pens but this time more regular or geometric symbols to compliment the flowing metals.

Hanbra - I quite enjoy print-making. I've dabbled in etching and screen printing but lino cuts are a little more easy access at home. I've got a soft spot for mid-cetury modern design and these shapes grew from that. Printed over blocks and flashes of colour they reminded me of the credits in old Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Linked Unlinked - Back to Posca doodling. The unlinked peices experimented with the mark making process and the linked peices work by themselves but also join together in a 3 by 2 grid to form a larger linked work.

Zipper - Named by my son as that what he saw in these. Simple two-tone blocks or spashes of colour excentuated with flowing motifs.


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